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    October 28, 2016 by admin

    Erectile disfunction (or ED as it is known in medical slang) is a naturally occurring condition that has many causes, both psychological and physical. It’s a particularly debilitating condition for men because, well, it’s your penis. Without it, you’re a woman. Or possibly, a eunuch.
    We have spoken before about foods you should avoid if you want to maintain your erection, and diet is certainly a huge part of maintaining health in your nether-regions. Exercise is another big part of the puzzle, and one exercise in particular stands out because it will strengthen your pelvic region as well as your glutes and other supporting areas of your genital area.

    That exercise is Kettlebells.

    You may have heard your Crossfit friends wax lyrical about kettlebells, and frankly, the hype is well deserved. Kettlebells provide a full range of motion and what is called functional strength. They are excellent for cardio as well as strengthening your posterior and pelvic regions. According to Harvard Medical School, a strong pelvic floor region ‘enhances rigidity during erection and helps stop blood from leaving the penis’. Kettlebells are a terrific exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor in men.

    Before we get into kettlebell exercises, let’s first understand what the pelvic floor region is and how it pertains to healthy erectile function. In a nutshell, the pelvic floor is a group of muscles in both men and women that support the pelvic-area organs, such as your bladder or intestines. In women, it is the uterus.

    Now, nature has somewhat of a dilemma in the pelvic region. The pelvic region is an essential part of our bipedal locomotion that defines us as humans. However, in women, there is an even more pressing need for a wider birth canal. Thus, women have evolved wider hips. Men, on the other hand, have evolved for completely optimised bipedal locomotion. This is one of the key reasons why men are faster, stronger, and overall better at things like sport. Thank you, natural selection.

    Hopefully by now we have outlined to you why kettlebells are an excellent exercise for men to strengthen their pelvic floor region and help eliminate erectile disfunction. So, what are the best kettlebell exercises that will strengthen the pelvic floor? Below are the three essential kettlebell exercises we recommend that will strengthen your pelvic floor region and help you with overall strength, making you look better and feel more confident.

    1.The Kettlebell Swing

    The kettlebell swing is an insanely effective motion and considered the most essential kettlebell movement for enhancing pelvic and overall strength. It’s a two-for-one exercise as it improves cardiovascular health as well as functional strength. It is an excellent training exercise for fat loss and full body power, as even just a few sessions a week will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

    Below is a great video showing correct form of the Kettlebell swing from Australian personal trainer, Kris Cochrane.

    2. The Turkish Get-Up

    Not to be confused with a style of fashion sense in Turkey, the Turkish Get-Up is excellent for abdominal and core strength. You have to lie on the ground for this one, with one leg bent, one leg straight, one arm flat to the ground, and one arm holding up a kettlebell. Then, you lean over onto the elbow of your flat arm and upwards, thrusting the kettlebell straight upwards. At this point, you can either lie back down again, or continue on into a full standing position. The continuation is what is considered a full Turkish get-up movement, however both will add to your pelvic floor strength.

    It’s quite a complex motion, so best to watch the video below which shows the correct form of movement in detail.

    3. Kettlebell Ab Workout

    In our Kettlebell swing movement above, we showed you how it’s a two-for-one exercise. Now with an ab workout we are giving you six-exercises-for-one. An ab workout with kettlebells is going to rapidly strengthen your core and abs, which are supporting areas of your pelvic floor region. In almost every way, kettlebells are a full body exercise, so strengthening your core will supporting you in almost everything you do.

    The video below shows you six different ab exercises you can do to strengthen your abs, improve your pelvic floor muscles and help eliminate erectile dysfunction.

    So that’s it, folks. Three insanely effective kettlebell workouts that will help strengthen your pelvic floor region, improve rigidity in that area and maintain healthy erectile function.

    If you are still struggling with erectile dysfunction or would like additional treatment to support exercises such as this, Men’s Health Clinic offer a full treatment program with guaranteed results. Get in touch today.