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Brad C. (Premature Ejaculation)  – Premature ejaculation became such a problem for me that I believe it ruined my relationship with my partner at the time. We separated and she was very vague as to why, but I’m certain my difficulty in the bedroom had a lot to do with it. After the break up, I called Men’s Health Clinic and found help almost immediately.

They put me at ease and I consulted with a MHC doctor the following day and he set me up with an easy-to-follow treatment plan and sent me out my first lot of medication. I didn’t save the relationship with my girlfriend, but I did save my sex life. Big thanks to James Moore and the MHC team. You have been an incredible help.

Ian W. (Erectile Dysfunction) – It’s still not always comfortable to talk about, but I emailed Men’s Health Clinic because I was having trouble performing. After over a year of struggling with the problem and not getting it “fixed” on my own, at 1:30am and literally minutes after the latest unsatisfactory outcome I emailed MHC asking for info. I received a call the next day and scheduled a consult.

I still wasn’t completely sold that anything would help, but I also couldn’t stand the thought that more disappointing sex might be ahead of me, so I booked treatment. It’s still early, but the medication has been brilliant so far: erections that remind me of being a teenager again! I’m working through some minor muscle aches as a side effect, but the MHC people have been diligent following up and already recommended some help.

Like I said, it’s still early but results so far have been extremely promising. Customer service is excellent: I can be hard to reach sometimes, but they kept after me and made sure tablets were out to me quickly. Looking forward to feeling myself again and enjoying sex with no worries!

Lucas A. (Testosterone Deficiency) – My experience with Men’s Health Clinic was overwhelmingly positive. For about 4 years I had suffered various symptoms of low testosterone. Finally fed up with how low testosterone was affecting my life and happiness, I looked on Google for answers and found MHC. I wasn’t certain what to expect but the doctors and specialists I talked to were good guys and I felt comfortable discussing with them personal issues.

Testing confirmed that my testosterone levels were low and I was recommended a course of corrective treatment, which turned out to be excellent, painless, and quick. Within just 2 weeks I noticed a night and day difference: I lost 18kg without dieting or exercise, I had new energy that allowed me to kick a massive Red Bull habit, and my sex drive was like being a teenager again.

I recommend treatment from MHC to any man looking to recover from a lifestyle affected by low testosterone. It was hard for me to admit something was wrong and to seek help, which is something I think most blokes struggle with, but it was certainly worth it. On top of their excellent medical knowledge, these guys were just easy to talk to – don’t be stubborn, give them a call!

Terry S. (Erectile Dysfunction) – I have suffered from erectile dysfunction for a number of years and finally decided to do something about it, not an easy decision for me to make because of the stigma attached to this medical condition. After conducting some research I decided to contact Men’s Health Clinic. The staff immediately put me at ease, they were very helpful and understanding, and the information they provided turned out to be spot on. The medication recommended and provided has made a huge difference – in fact, I can honestly say the result has turned out better than I expected. A big “thank you” to the team at MHC!

David C. (Testosterone Deficiency) – I came to Men’s Health Clinic looking for answers to several problems, the most crucial being general fatigue, tiredness, and inability to get a good night’s sleep. An ad for MHC popped up while I was researching my symptoms and men’s health in general, and I thought, “Why not?”

I was immediately impressed by the focus on medical diagnosis and treatment, along with staff who were approachable, helpful, and prompt. I consulted with the MHC doctor, received appropriate blood tests, and agreed to undergo prescribed treatment immediately when results revealed I had a problem with Testosterone Deficiency.

The transformation following treatment has been huge: my fatigue has been greatly reduced, I’m sleeping through most nights, and my overall energy and vitality has been like turning back the clock! Everything is working out wonderfully and the process getting here has been very smooth. I’m happy to recommend MHC to anyone who wants to get back vitality that’s been lost from aging.

Ion (Erectile Dysfunction) – I have recently struggled with erectile dysfunction and sustaining an erection, problems I’ve never had before. My girlfriend recommended MHC and in short order they organised a doctor consultation and treatment program. The medication has made an enormous difference, taking me from impaired erectile function to normal. MHC doctors and the organisation as a whole are extremely professional, courteous and efficient. I absolutely recommend MHC to anyone in my shoes.

Anthony (Erectile Dysfunction) – I had difficulty maintaining my erection for probably 4-5 years before becoming fed up with the problem. I happened to see an ad for Men’s Health Clinic in a diabetes magazine and contacted them for a chat: it was a quick and helpful process to enrol and I decided now was the time to finally conquer this problem.

The medication I’ve received has performed beyond expectations, and the follow-up received from MHC has ensured treatment and results continue to be outstanding. Intercourse is now normal, without unexpected interruption and very satisfying for the first time in years. It’s been a wonderful change.

I’d like to recommend MHC to others, with only a couple qualifications. Service was top notch and the assistance I received has been exemplary. The initial consultation was by phone, when I expected a visit in person with a doctor or specialist; I would suggest this be spelled out more clearly going in (although results were still very effective). Second, I would appreciate more flexibility in billing arrangements: I had a change in my financial status during treatment that affected my ability to pay, and I would have liked more options to accommodate that.

Richard W. (Erectile Dysfunction) – Erectile dysfunction had been a problem for me for many years, since 2002 in fact, and it became even worse post-myocardial infarction in 2011. At that point, I had given up any hope of normal sexual intercourse. My wife is the one who saw an advertisement for MHC in The Circle Magazine and her enquiry was returned almost immediately.

The initial doctor consult included discussion of my erection problem, my health history, and current medications being taken; it was very thorough, clear that information would be held in confidence, and I appreciated support that did not make me feel inadequate. A treatment programme was suggested and I had ample opportunity to discuss course and costs with my wife.

I agreed to treatment and the results have been marvellous: after many years of seemingly insurmountable problems, all systems are functioning well again! My GP told me that if Viagra wasn’t working to simply get used to not having sex any more, so it’s definitely worth the cost to find out that a new lease on life for our relationship was actually within reach. Regular support and follow up calls from MHC are appreciated and helpful. I intend to recommend MHC to a friend and I would certainly recommend them to any man with similar problems.

Michael A. (Erectile Dysfunction) – I’ll start by saying my treatment from Men’s Health Clinic has been AMAZING and I have no hesitation recommending them: they delivered exactly as promised.

For 5 years I had real trouble keeping or even getting an erection. I ignored the problem for awhile, but finally turned to MHC for help. Their help has been very professional and they’ve always made me feel comfortable. It’s been shocking and wonderful to discover how easy it was to get my erectile dysfunction fixed and restore my confidence and manhood. It’s been a 100% turnaround in satisfaction, thank you!

David L (Premature Ejaculation) – I have dealt with premature ejaculation since my first time having sex as a teen. In the nine years since, I have been on different antidepressants and self-medicated with alcohol in an effort to experience lasting sexual activity. About 9 months ago I stumbled across a survey on PE. I answered truthfully, and the next day I received a call from Men’s Health Clinic to discuss my answers. Since joining the program, we have tried different medications to find the one best tailored to help me, and I can now say I’m more confident than ever that sex will last longer than 20 seconds to a minute. 5-10 minutes now is normal and I hope this is just the beginning. Men’s Health Clinic have kept in touch on a regular basis to monitor progress and provide advice. I highly recommended that if you suffer from PE you give them a call!

Mark S. (Erectile Dysfunction) – Erection problems were a recent difficulty for me and after a few months I came across Men’s Health Clinic while researching on the internet. My call was followed by a phone consultation to review my symptoms, talk about medical history, and talk about potential solutions. The call was friendly and professional and I liked what I heard so I signed up.

The medication received from MHC has enabled me to once again function normally as an adult male, with great results. Performance issues are resolved, my confidence is better, self-worth restored, and my wife and I are both delighted with the results.

Treatment has been excellent, with regular contact for follow up checks. I would highly recommend others with similar problems to contact MHC for advice and seek treatment if required. This has been wonderful.

Peter G. (Erectile Dysfunction) – I found MHC thanks to Google and I was looking for “most effective erectile dysfunction treatments” because it had just caused the end of a very important relationship for me, after not fixing the problem for nearly two years. I didn’t need convincing and was ready to begin treatment right away.

The initial exam revealed that low testosterone was a related problem and the MHC doctors tailored treatment to deal with both problems. The ED medication is amazing and very potent, too late to save my last relationship but I can see that in my next intimacy will not be an issue. The difference from where I was beginning treatment and just 3 months later is massive. Support has been great: regular follow-ups with a case manager and doctor, advice about adjusting medications, and always being there to assist.

I cannot speak highly enough about MHC, they know what they are doing they know their stuff! I think the treatment is world class and things that I had no idea even were possible are happening. They have changed my life and will continue to do so as I see the results of the hormone treatment start taking effect.