Meet Our Experts

, Meet Our Experts

Dr. Fred Edwards

Dr. Fred Edwards qualified in Sheffield England 1983, more than 30 years’ experience as a GP with an interest in men’s health. Privileged to work with MHC, striving to develop an excellent Men’s health service particularly regarding PE and ED. Very keen also to widen the scope of treatment for men to include more general health issues which are often overlooked in routine general practice.

, Meet Our Experts

Dr. Nick Travers

Dr. Nick Travers is a General Practitioner originally from Perth, but trained in the United Kingdom. Since returning from the UK, Dr. Travers developed a special interest in male Sexual Health and is very passionate about treating ED and PE as well as spreading awareness of the effects it can have on male mental health.

, Meet Our Experts

Meredith Amundsen

Meredith is an experienced nutritional expert and has worked with industry leading Dietitians, who have advised and coached elite sporting teams on nutrition and wellbeing to achieve optimum health. Meredith has been recognised for her passion when it comes to treating and educating patients. Harnessing her knowledge in Nutrition Science, Meredith inspires patients to become, happier and healthier versions of themselves. Meredith aims to help all MHC patients on their journey to rehabilitation, by providing a sustainable and enjoyable nutritional program that is easily achievable.