Erectile dysfunction

Let there be no doubt, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem: ED may affect 150 million men worldwide, including more than 1 million men in Australia. In fact, 25% of Australian men report some Erectile Dysfunction and 8.5% of Australian men report severe Erectile Dysfunction. Rates of ED increase with ageing, according to the following schedule:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


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So now that we understand how common Erectile Dysfunction is, why aren’t we doing more about it? The truth is that ED is very easy to diagnose and can be reversed with a variety of very effective and affordable treatments, but many men are reluctant to seek help because of the embarrassment and stigma attached. We are here to tell you that if you are suffering from the disappointment and dissatisfaction of Erectile Dysfunction, you should waste no time in seeking help from Men’s Health Clinic to do something about it.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a diagnosis that is produced by a spectrum of symptoms, including any or all of the following:

Erectile Dysfunction is relatively common, at least in sporadic or situational contexts, because it can arise from a variety of causes. ED may result as a consequence of other, more serious health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure; ED may result from injuries to the spine, brain or nervous system; or lifestyle factors such as excessive smoking, drinking, or obesity may also play a role in creating or intensifying ED.

These factors alone or together may be at the root of your Erectile Dysfunction. What we know for certain is that ED interrupts an otherwise healthy, enjoyable sex life and this has an intensely negative effect on overall happiness and quality of life. It also challenges male identity and creates a litany of emotional problems, including disruption to personal relationships, self-confidence, vitality and more. Erectile Dysfunction can also lead to more serious problems of physical and emotional health, including severe depression and stress-related conditions, if it is left untreated or ignored.

Benefits of successful treatment for ED include

  • Enjoyable & satisfying sex
  • Restored confidence & self-worth
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Enhanced quality of life

Good News

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Eliminated

This is the most important consideration to understand when it comes to ED: Men’s Health Clinic has already made it possible for thousands of Australian men, of all ages, to reverse the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, restore the enjoyment and satisfaction of sex, and overcome persistent ED once and for all. Diagnosis is fast and easy, and treatment from MHC is hand-tailored to your individual circumstances, to deliver results that are rapid, effective, and sustainable. Even if you have avoided or ignored the problem for years, our treatments can be designed to have you happy and thrilled again with sex in just a matter of weeks. Why continue to suffer when happiness is ready and waiting for you?

All consultations and treatments are conducted with your complete privacy and confidentiality foremost in mind. Men’s Health Clinic is dedicated to creating an environment that is healing and supportive, with access to leading therapies and experts who can help accelerate your progress from where you are to where you want to be. Contact Men’s Health Clinic today to find out how we can eliminate your Erectile Dysfunction, just like we have already done for thousands of men in your situation.

There Is Help for Your Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s Health Clinic is the help you are looking for. We are a regional leader and male sexual health specialist with a proven record of success helping men overcome Erectile Dysfunction and other men’s health conditions. MHC provides specialised care, advanced treatments, and the latest technologies that are hand-tailored to each patient.

We deliver best outcomes with our unique combination of expertise and innovation. Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that is becoming more and more prevalent as Australia’s population ages. Luckily, this is making it easier for men to confront the problem and reach out for the available solutions. Men’s Health Clinic is there to provide those solutions, within a treatment environment that is supportive and private. If you think you may have a problem with Erectile Dysfunction, or are not satisfied with your sexual performance, take the most important step:

Erectile Dysfunction FAQ Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

are they the same thing? The terms impotence and Erectile Dysfunction are typically used to label the same problem, however the term impotence has its own stigma that has grown over time to strike at the very heart of what it is to be a man. “Erectile Dysfunction” may be easier to discuss for many men than “impotence.” Erectile Dysfunction also speaks to a larger spectrum of erection difficulties than simp

How are ageing and Erectile Dysfunction related?

Many men believe ED is an unavoidable consequence of aging, however this need not be the case. Aging can result in the need for additional stimulation to achieve erection, but Erectile Dysfunction and ageing do not necessarily go hand in hand.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Common symptoms of ED include:

  • Difficulty producing or keeping an erection
  • Erection quality not sufficient for penetration
  • Loss of erection prior to finishing
  • Diminished sexual enjoyment

Every man is different, symptoms and sensitivity to them may vary. Trust yourself to know when there is a problem and consult with the specialist physicians at Men’s Health Clinic to understand ED causes and review your best solutions.

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How common is Erectile Dysfunction?

Up to 25% of men age 65 and older may have a sustained problem with ED. What we must remember is that ED is under-reported and under-diagnosed because of men refusing to seek treatment due to embarrassment about being “impotent,” as well as non-specialist doctors misdiagnosing ED.

Can any of my medications cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Increased likelihood or frequency of ED is linked to numerous common medications, particularly those used to manage blood pressure, including beta blockers and similar medications. Certain pharmaceuticals used to manage mood or reduce symptoms of depression may include ED as a side effect. Alcohol and some recreational drugs can suppress your ability to achieve or sustain an erection.

How are ED and other men’s health problems linked?

Other male sexual health problems can cause or intensify Erectile Dysfunction, including Premature Ejaculation (PE) and Testosterone Deficiency (TD).A consultation with the doctors at Men’s Health Clinic can explore with you related problems and suggest the most effective treatment to relieve symptoms of each.

Should I discuss Erectile Dysfunction with my partner?

Absolutely. Heartfelt communication is the basis of every strong relationship, and any problems that affect intimacy should be brought out into the open for discussion. ED has the potential to destroy relationships, with persistent issues of anxiety, doubt, and feelings of inadequacy. By discussing the problem with your partner, you bring them in as a part of the solution.