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    May 17, 2019 by admin

    Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as impotence, can be devastating to men. But it can be equally so for your partner as well. Men we speak to on a daily basis say the confusion of the condition often leads to relationship and marriage breakdown. Women, on the other hand, tell us that it’s not the actual condition that causes the strain on the relationship; its the man’s unwillingness to diagnose and treat it.


    Here are some ways to protect your relationship from sexual dysfunctions like PE & ED.

    – Admit you have an issue. Sexual dysfunction is not uncommon and there is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. It is highly treatable IF you acknowledge the problem to yourself first.

    – Find out the cause. By knowing as much as you can about ED, you can prevent it from ruining your relationship. Many things can cause ED and treatment plans vary depending on the cause.

    – ED is a medical condition not a feeling. A lot of women will get insecure when the first symptoms of ED arise and have said to our Doctor “I think he has gone off me because he can’t get an erection or he is having an affair.” A lot of men that suffer with ED will become very anxious about letting their partners down and rather than actually be anxious and embarrassed then they will withdraw from sex. Try to understand that ED is very emotional however its often a physical condition irrespective of desire. Tell your partner you are still extremely attracted to them regularly.

    – Communicate. It may not be very comfortable to talk about but it will be much more comfortable than experiencing disappointment in the bedroom time and time again and not offering an explanation. Tell your new partner “I have a medical condition however I will be getting treatment for it and it will not be an issue for much longer.” If you have been in a long relationship and sexual dysfunction appears say “I have noticed some issues down below. I will be seeking a diagnosis and will be looking into treatment to solve it.”

    – Have a back up plan. Before you begin sexual relations have a back up plan. Say “If for some reason my body doesn’t co-operate with my mind, don’t get offended, I still want to please you so why don’t we…. ”

    – Get creative. Pleasure and satisfaction can be derived in many ways. Get creative in the bedroom.

    – Consider therapy. Therapy will help each person understand the emotional turmoil created by sexual dysfunction and the reactions associated with it. Find a licensed relationship counsellor.

    – GET TREATMENT. Your relationship will not suffer if you get treatment for your sexual dysfunction. The only time relationships have failed in our clinic is when the man refuses to get treatment and makes excuses for his physical condition. Even if your partner says it’s ok, it’s not ok. Months or years of inaction create emotions to build. Treatment is available and to see if you are suitable for treatment contact MHC today.

    If you are not sure if you are suffering from ED take the self diagnosis now https://mhc.com.au/erectile-dysfunction/.