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    October 28, 2016 by admin

    Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is more common in older men, but erection problems are not a normal part of aging. It can cause stress and self-esteem issues, psychological issues, emotional stress, and a lack of mental sharpness. Many men suffering from ED find it hard to talk about the problem and issues that they have during intercourse with their partner or even their heath care provider. However, being open and honest and talking about ED is important to understanding the condition and is the key to overcoming it and learning to still enjoy yourself inspire of it.

    How to treat erectile dysfunction

    The Finland study followed 989 men for five years. During that time they asked them about any ED symptoms and recorded all reported instances. The mean age of the men was 59.2 years. None of the participants had ever had any erection problems prior to the being entered into the study. After five years they study showed that the participants who did not have sex at least once a week were twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction symptoms than those who engaged with their partners sexually at least once a week. ED is a very common and embarrassing issues and it affects men of all ages and demographics. Fortunately, there are actually many good treatments for the condition, and one of the simplest may very well be the act of having sex or being sexually aroused.


    What does this mean for you?

    The researchers from the above mentioned study concluded that regular sexual intercourse among men 55-75 years of age can actually help protect against ED. If you are in that age bracket or getting close to your 50’s then the idea of “use it or lose it” might be something to keep in mind. But as with most problems, especially those involving something so personal or intimate, the solution to erectile dysfunction and its related issues and effects is often times not quite as simple ad going out and having sex.  Sexual issues leading to new cases of ED or worsening symptoms of already confirmed ED include a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral, physical, psychological, and environmental factors. It would be normal to expect men who are in good healthy relationships and who are mentally and psychically in good shape tend to have sex more often. But is it the at of sex or something else that goes on during sexual activities like foreplay, masturbation, and intercourse that really can offer men protection against erectile dysfunction? There is still some debate on that issue,n but the study did shed some light on this importance question.


    Expert opinion on erectile dysfunction symptom treatment

    The concept of using it or losing it when it comes to the ability to get and keep an erection or other related erection problems makes some sense, according to some experts. Nelson E. Bennett, MD,  had this to say about the recent studies on erectile dysfunction “The penis is a muscle and like any other muscle it needs exercise, so more exercise is good for ED. But that may not mean you need to have frequent intercourse or masturbation to protect yourself from ED. It’s the erection that does the exercise, not the ejaculation, and most men have three to six erections naturally every night”


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