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    October 28, 2016 by admin

    Erectile dysfunction, or impotence as it is known in the mainstream population, is a condition where a man has the inability to get an erection or keep it firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Having erection trouble now and then isn’t necessarily a reason to panic or jump to the conclusion that you have a problem. Signs of erectile dysfunction can build slowly so make sure you are mindful of you see your sexual performance sipping. If erectile dysfunction (ED) is an ongoing issue though it can impact many areas of your health, happiness, and day to day life. Problems getting or keeping an erection may be a sign of a more serious underlying health issue such as heart concerns, certain diseases, and other conditions that need to be taken care of before they grow into more serious issues. If you’re concerned about whether you have have ED, then you need to bring it up with your doctor, even if you’re embarrassed. Sometimes, treating the condition causing ED is enough to relieve the ED struggle and other times some additional medications or other direct treatments might be needed to bring full relief.


    What goes into an erection?

    Many people are surprised to learn that male sexual arousal is not as simple as it seems. An erection is a complex process that requires the use of the brain, nerves, hormones, muscles, emotions, and blood vessels. When all of these functions are working properly an erection is easier to attain but ED can result from just a small issue with one of these functions. Additionally, stress and mental health can make erectile dysfunction worse and make the symptoms more potent and more frequent. Sometimes it is a combination of a number of issues that end up being the cause of some men’s erectile dysfunction symptoms. For example- a man may have a lot f stress from work and that impacts the power of his erection and he begins to perform not as well. This leads to more stress and fea about his performance and ability to satisfy his partner. He tries hard during intercourse which leads to even worse performance. The downward spiral continues until full blown ED is the diagnosis.


    Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

    In most cases, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of something physical that is off or going wrong within the male body. Common causes for erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

    • Heart disease and other heart conditions
    • Clogged blood vessels
    • High cholesterol or high blood pressure
    • Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes
    • Obesity and drastic fluctuation of weight
    • Metabolic syndrome- high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and excess fat
    • Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s
    • Multiple sclerosis, muscular issues, nerve damage and similar conditions
    • Peyronie’s disease — the development of scar tissue within the penis
    • Certain prescription medications such as pain pills and steroids
    • Tobacco use whether smoking or chewing tobacco
    • Any type of substance abuse
    • Chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments
    • Sleep disorders like apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy
    • Treatments for enlarged prostate and other penile area issues
    • Surgeries or injuries affecting any of the pelvic area or spinal cord


    Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

    The brain is essential to achieving sexual arousal and maintaining an erection. The brain helps in triggering a number of physical events that cause an erection. It begins with feelings of sexual excitement and this triggers the release of hormones that hep increase blood flow, stimulate nerve endings, and leads to the full hard erection men are after. A number of things have to go right in order to reach an erection but there are also a number of things that can interfere with sexual feelings. These psychological issues can lead to ED or make minor cases of ED worse and more severe. These include:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Mental health conditions
    • Stress
    • Performance anxiety
    • Relationship problems
    • Poor communication with partner
    • Other proposal concerns


    If you think you may been suffering from erectile dysfunction or if you fear your ability to get and maintain a strong erection is slipping, it is time to speak with your doctor. There is not the stigma around ED that there once was so speak up and get the help you need. Our Clinicians can assist you with the correct treatment program to solve your Erectile Dysfunction. Call today