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Alkalising Greenie Goodness Juice

PREP TIME: 5 MINUTESCOOK TIME: 0 MINUTESSERVES: 1 You will need: ½ organic cucumber, chopped¼ cup parsley or mint½ lemon, peeled1 cup organic, raw spinach1 cup organic raw kale1 cup organic celery Let’s make it: Place the ingredients into a juicer, cold pressed is best to help retain all the nutrients. Optional add a small…

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Our Nutritionist gives us the low down on how to help fight inflammation

We now know more than ever that diet has an incredible impact on our overall health, and it has been shown that food can either exaggerate inflammation or aid in the recovery. Every food has a PH rating. It either sits as “alkaline” “neutral” or “acidic”. Our body naturally tries to keep a homeostatic level…

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