About us

About us

Men’s Health Clinic (MHC) is Australia’s foremost medical and treatment organisation dedicated to providing patients diagnosis, treatment, and continuing care for men’s health problems and sexual difficulties, including Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), and Testosterone Deficiency (TD).To help men face these challenges and conquer men’s health problems, we have assembled an expert team of leaders in the field, including physicians, treatment specialists, researchers, nurses and men’s health professionals who are experienced and highly skilled in the area of men’s sexual health.

Please always remember: if you are struggling with a men’s sexual health problem, you are not alone. These difficulties do not simply need to be accepted as a consequence of aging, or of declining overall health. Men’s Health Clinic has already helped thousands of men just like you, and we continue to offer medical and therapeutic care to the highest standards, with the goal of helping patients completely overcome their difficulties.

We can help you, too.


Superior Patient Care and Treatment Management

One difference you’ll discover that separates Men’s Health Clinic from other providers is our commitment to exceptional patient care and superior treatment management. We understand each patient is different and even though diagnoses may be similar, every patient has a unique set of challenges and needs that inform effective treatment.

MHC doctors, therapists, and nurses specialise in asking the right questions and conducting thorough consultations to quickly, efficiently, and effectively create a hand-tailored course of treatment for each patient. This treatment design, which takes into account specific and variable patient needs, achieves a proven record for superior results.

Achieving Amazing Outcomes

A significant part of our reward is hearing directly from our patients about the restored health and satisfaction in life that they enjoy after their successful treatment program. Some of our patients come to us having ignored symptoms or endured dissatisfaction for years before seeking help. Their successful outcomes are a cause for celebration and we take immense satisfaction in our role facilitating ultimate happiness and sexual health in our patients’ lives.

There’s no excuse to wait for help: there are effective, safe, and affordable treatments available from Men’s Health Clinic for the full spectrum of men’s health concerns. These treatments can reverse years of suffering in as little as a matter of days, improving your health and restoring quality of life. Your privacy is guaranteed, all consultations and patient information are held in strict confidence.

To contact our men’s health experts with any questions you may have or to schedule a private and confidential consultation, please visit our Contact Us page.